Mini Medals & Cards Containing Pins

Yesterday while attending a small card show, I came across a rare Tom Fears 2008 Topps Mini Medal that popped right out to me when I approached a familiar dealer.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had to have it.  Even though the WWII Victory Medal displayed inside the card is a replica, it still looks pretty cool.  I know “commemorative” and “manufactured” items don’t get a lot of love from The Hobby, but these Mini Medals are one of the most unique items floating around the market.  This was the first one I’ve ever seen in person, and I only paid $55.00 for it.  Last night the Lou Groza Mini Medal sold for $75.00.


Wouldn’t it be cool if Topps or any manufacturer would make cards containing pins?  If they can insert mini medals I’m sure they could include exclusive team pins.  I’m not talking about the everyday $5.00 pin you can find anywhere, but rarer ones.  For example, I’d love to see a card containing a 2008 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Press pin that was only distributed to the media.  The Mini Medals are the closest they’ve ever come to inserting pins, and I think it would be an interesting way to go.  I think collectors would really enjoy them, especially if they’re real pins and not manufactured for the product.


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  1. Cool card. I don’t collect football but I would have bought that. One thing though, the medal isn’t a replica. Its a mini-medal. The military uses these for formal occasions when they where tuxedo-type uniforms.

  2. I also doubt it is Fear’s actual medal. You can pick these up almost anywhere. A lot of militaria websites sell them (not to mention ebay). I’m not sure how much the minis would cost on one of these sites as mine were all issued to me. However, I have been pricing the full size WWII medals for some shadow boxes I’m building and they run about $13.00 a piece. But I did just pick up 5 WWII medals as a lot on ebay for about 20.00 after shipping.

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