I Bet HK Will Be Watching

Earlier this season the Phillies lost legendary broadcaster and one of their best friends, Harry Kalas.  That April afternoon was a dark day for Phillies fans everywhere.  The first time I ever met Harry in person was in January of 2008 right after they won the NL East Division.  The Phillies had come to Williamsport for a dinner and to interact with some of their fans.  Throughout the dinner people would interview some of the coaches and players, but they would save Harry for last.  I always found it cool to sit there and listen to that familiar voice I would hear on the television and/or radio.  During that dinner he told everyone that the Phillies were going to win the World Series that year, and they did.  Last January Harry attended the same dinner and again told everyone the Phillies would win the World Series.  So far Harry has been right this season.  I’m sure Harry and Whitey will be watching the Series from that big broadcasters booth in the sky.  Lets win this World Series for Harry!!!!


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  1. Great post, thanks

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