2009 TRISTAR Prospects Plus Preview

Due to be released on 11/27/09, TRISTAR returns with its popular Prospects Plus product.  Each hobby boxes yields 11 hits: (4) autographs, (2) parallels, (2) Crystal Ballers, (2) Short Prints, and (1) Obak Update.  You can also purchase “hot” boxes that contain 26 hits.  From what I’ve seen so far, TRISTAR really has updated the design of these cards.  Collectors have the chance of pulling 1/1 cut signatures of legends such as Johnny Bench and Reggie Jackson.  You can even find cut autographs of some of the high draft picks too.  I’m not sure if the cut signatures will look like their Signa Cuts product or not.




One Response

  1. I always wondered why card companies don’t focus on the back of the card for player photography when it comes to cut sigs. If there’s no room on the front put it on the back?


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