Card of the Day: Chuck Howley 1967 Philadelphia #53

In 1971 Chuck Howley won the Super Bowl MVP Award for the Dallas Cowboys.  The only problem is that the Cowboys lost the Super Bowl that year.  This was the only time the MVP Award was given to a player from the losing team.

Last night while watching the World Series Chase Utley hit another pair of homers.  If he hits one more he’ll pass Reggie Jackson on the list of players who have hit the most home runs in the World Series.  Even if the Phillies lose, would it be possible for Utley to be the MVP?  Nobody in particular has stood out for the Yankees, except for maybe Johnny Damon.  Either way, the Phillies are making their mark on the ’09 World Series which for the past few years has ended after 5 games.  There hasn’t had to be a Game 6 for quite sometime.


2 Responses

  1. great card! I’ve been looking for an affordable one for awhile now.

  2. Chuck played a great game in SB V. I met him and got his autograph at a Triumph show a few years ago. He and Randy White were sitting next to each other… a great pair of #54s in Cowboys’ history.

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