The Cartwright Cut

This is something you don’t see very often.  Even if one isn’t for sale, its hard to find a picture of an Alexander Cartwright Cut Signature that was pulled from a pack.  Donruss actually produced this card for its 2007 National Treasures Football product.  There is only a handful of Cartwright Cut Signatures floating around The Hobby and I just had to save a picture of this one.  Its not everyday you get to see an autograph of the inventor of the modern game of baseball.  Yes, this card is serial numbered 1/1 and can be yours for only $14,000.00.  I’ve always liked the writing style from this time period.  You don’t see many autographs like this one.


One Response

  1. The Father of Modern Baseball had a 1/1 cut auto in… a Football product??? What a goofy hobby this is.

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