Never Heard Of Them, But I Like The Design

I have to be honest with you.  I’ve never heard of The World Football Authentics Uncirculated Vault, but I do enjoy the design of their cards.  They have a similar design to those cards you see with pennies in them.  For all I know this company could also make those.  What I like most about these is how well you can identify the piece of jersey.  There are so many card designs out on the market that make if difficult to just see the relic because the manufacturer over does the design of the card.  Just take a look at this thing.  The plain colored background along with the black and white image really makes the red relic standout.  I bet even a piece of white jersey would standout on this type of layout.  Since I’m not familiar with the company, I can’t say too much about their COA for the relic.  From what I have found, there has only been one seller with these up for sale.  Some of these have sold for as much as $35.00 and seem to be a hit with soccer fans.


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  1. I agree this relic card is a beauty. Relic have yet to be as popular in the UK and to a lesser extend Europe in way they are in the US. But I think the simpler design is much more effective. Great card.

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