John Elway’s Baseball Cards

There are a lot of multi-sport athletes for collectors to find wondering around The Hobby.  People like Jim Thorpe, Deon Sanders, Brian Jordan, and Bo Jackson are some of the people that first come to mind.  One that people usually don’t think about right away is John Elway.  When you first hear the name John Elway most people think of the Broncos and nothing else.  But during the early 80’s, Elway played minor league ball for the Yankees organization up in Oneonta New York.  Like many players, he has a minor league “rookie” made by TCMA which demands a strong price on the secondary market.  For many Elway collectors its one of his most expensive cards, even more than a card containing a certified autograph.


How many Elway collectors would love to see a buyback autograph of this 1982 TCMA minor league “rookie”?

1999 Just Minors included a painted card of Elway in his minor league uniform.  These still sell for a few bucks a piece, which is a lot for a card like this.


In 2005, Topps released a popular product called Fan Favorites which contained a nice surprise for most Elway fans.  It was a card containing Elway in his Stanford uniform.  Not only is there a base version, but an autographed one too.  These demand a very high price because they are so difficult to find. 


That brings us to 2009, where Press Pass Fusion has included autographs of John Elway in his Stanford uniform as well.  These will be by far some of the most hot items out of this product.


This image on the Fusion card looks like a zoomed in version of the Fan Favorites.

John Elway doesn’t have that many baseball cards, and I’m glad to see that Press Pass included images of him in both baseball and football uniforms.  Now we just need a minor league jersey relic of Elway.  I guess we’ll leave that up to TRISTAR.  Thats if they get their MiLB license renewed.  But thats a whole other subject 🙂

2 Responses

  1. like the red ink auto on the Elway

  2. thats amazing didnt know elway played pro ball and I recently found a larry bird baseball card

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