Dig Out Those Pro Set Cards

When I think of high-end cards, the last product that comes to mind is Pro Set.  Pro Set is one is one of those companies that made a set for every man, woman, and child on Earth.  They began producing cards at the very height of overproduction within the industry.  Despite making so many cards, there are a few valuable errors and promos that continue to sell for extremely high amounts of money.


Limited to 10,000 copies, this Vince Lombardi Trophy hologram can be found in packs of 1990 Pro Set.  To this day these can be found selling for $40.00 – $100.00 a piece.  It was rumored that some collectors would use small metal detectors to find these because each card contains a small amount of metal.  They also made a hologram of the Stanley Cup Trophy that sells for about $75.00.


Pro Set founder Ludwell Denny even had a card made that was given out for promotional purposes.  These have been known to sell for well over $150.00.


Who the hell is Gizmo Williams?  He played for the Eagles for a little bit, but then headed up to Canada.  In 2006 he was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.  He didn’t make that big of an impression with American Football, but his ’89 Pro Set card is still popular with collectors.  This error has the word “football” misspelled on the back and there is “no scouting” photo on the front.  These sell for over $70.00.


These I find to be the most interesting.  These cards were given to Pro Set executives explaining all of the variations, errors, and promos.  For not even having a player on them, they can easily bring in over $40.00.

Over Pro Set’s career in the trading card industry, they produced numerous errors, variations, and promos that still hold their value today.  The above cards are just some of Pro Set’s most valuable cards collectors keep their eyes open for.  It kinda makes you want to go through your old boxes checking for any variations or errors you might have overlooked.

Check out this seller’s completed auctions for a ton of rare Pro Set cards.

49 Responses

  1. I liked Pro Set back in the day. They introduce football then hockey and pile of non-sport cards of musicians, rappers, and movies. I remember seeing hockey cards at Walmart here in Texas. Despite its overproduction of cards they cared about the collectors. I remember sending me promo cards through the mail.

  2. If anyone has the Manley 772A that mentions his substance abuse, the Lud Denny Promo, or the FACT set with binder, please contact me if you are willing to sell them as I am a Pro Set collector and am trying to finish off my master collection.

    • I came across a box of random football cards i bought at an estate sale. There were actually 9 Lud Denny Cards in it. I don’t need them, just like to keep maybe 1. Let me know if your interested in them. Good condition too.

      • Hello Sam. I’m entirely, 100% interested. Please e-mail me at your soonest convenience regarding this. Do you have an e-mail I could use to discuss this further? Please let me know, I’m very interested, thanks a million.

      • Sam,
        What did you with the rest of those random football cards? Your more than welcome to email me at mstrange@wbhq.com if you still have some of them.

      • hi Sam I know this is a long shot but do you still have any spare lud denny cards for sale?

    • I have Pro Set cards for Super Bowl I to XXIV, several error cards, Barry Sanders #102 and ROY with him holding trophy, Aikman #78, Dieon Sanders #36, the 1990 AFL Pro Bowl cards and various others. If you or someone you know are interested, please contact to discuss prices.

    • Trent, have you heard of a Bruce Matthews card that has a picture and stats of Danny Noonan on the back? And the back of the card is upside down.

  3. I’d be interested in a Lud Denny or the Lombardi Hologram – please let me know if anyone has 1 for sale – marino_13@live.com.au

    • I have the lombardi hologram, give me a price and i’ll consider selling. Not rated but mint card #6,955 of 10m.

  4. i have some cards that iam not sure what there what igot is a proset and its a commemorative set from 1967 to 1990 super bowl if someone could heip with what there worth there a 160 cards

  5. What happened to all these Lud Denny cards? Did you happen to sell them, I would be willing to pay top dollar for just one 🙂 please let me know

  6. looking for the following cards in 1990 Pro set, will pay top dollar, Dexter Manley mentions substance abuse, #338b Lud Denny Promo Card Parody of Bill Parcels, #666b Steve Young Promo card, pro set press inc. ( very similar style to Lud Denny card)
    (not the 49rs QB) Barry Sanders No Rookie of the year trophie on back. Mike Ditka Large Hall Of Fame.

  7. I remembered winning on one of those playbooks a Emmitt Smith jersey signed I believe it was 90,91. Does anyone here know what year that was offerred as a prize on the playbook. Its stored in back of attic and dont feel like finding it. Anyone know what its worth?

  8. I have 2 unopened boxs of Pro Set 90-91 series 1&2 any one interested?Give me a price. First with reasonable price takes them both.Plus i got upperdeck basketball 93-94 series 1,90 topps chrome baseball&lots more. Thx Robert

  9. I have a pro -set collectors book full of old card if someone wants to take a look please email me they book and any card in it is for sale ….thanks

  10. I have a full box of proset cards for sale make an offer I live in Meriden,CT email baloghjeremy@gmail.com

  11. Very interesting facts. I’m very pleased with the information you have gathered – just because I so happened to own over 4,000 cards of the 1990 Pro Set alone +++ 23 total cards of Ludwell Denny.

  12. By the way, another interesting card to the 1990 pro set is “Fred Marion with BELT”.
    Look it up…You won’t regret. I also have 12 of them in MINT condition

  13. I have a full complete set of 1991 Series 1 NFL Pro Set cards, out of individual packages but sat on shelf for last 25 years. Any interest.

  14. Why does everybody claim there to be 10,000 copies of the Vince Lombardi hologram? My card says “4,011 of 10 M”.

  15. Is anyone out there still interested in a large collection of random 90′ pro set cards

  16. i have everycard hmu on facebook im in flordia Lilquan Riley

  17. Anyone in Australia or have contacts to do with the NFL series??? im in Aus with folders and folders of NFL Pro Set cards from 1990 to 1994 (i think) and also have the hologram card, emmit smith cards, Michael jordan playing white sox etc. lots and lots wanting to sell. Chuck me a decent offer and you can have my whole collection of NFL cards. 1990 set from #1 to #619 and more. hit me up! Chooktin@gmail.com

  18. does anyone have any of the Ludwell Denny and Steve Young promo cards for sale? I am trying to complete a 1990 master set and need those 2

  19. i have rare 1994 sealed never open national convention factory trading card set with coa 20 cards, gtve me a decent offer and there your.

  20. i have 1996 nolan ryan 24k gold baseball cards set of three, 324 career wins, 5,714 career strike outs and 7 career no hitters, these cards come with numbered cerificate of authenticity, give me a decent offer and there yours.

  21. I am still looking for the 1990 Pro Set Steve Young #666B. Will trade for a Lud Denny #338B. Tom

  22. I have a few 90 pro sets.I’ll check them out and let you all know what I have in a day or so.I have 11 unopened fleer sets with Barry bonds and his 44 friends I’ll let go for 65.00 per set! There 1987 baseballs hottest stars.My guess is grade them all and you should see 200.00 plus per set or more!$$$.These would all be mint;mint.each set is rapped outside and inside.I’d do it my self but I’m working on seperating and grading 15,000-17,000 cards I have all ready! God is this time consuming..I have 7 or 8 unopened Donruss 1986 highlights with56 cards and shank Arron puzzle for $40.00 a PC I’ll let go all are sealed inside. Also! I have 163 enos slaughter autos for 15.00 a PC if you purchase 10 at a time! There from a 1988 hobbie and craft bizzare the dispatch paper in High Point held.There pretty cool looking too! Their light blue and his signature is under a bat shaped pen design the artist made for them, its as if the pen and hand drawn by the artist has put a enos slaughter autogragh there it self.and if I must say so the blue ink is Awesome looking on the light blue card type paper!You’ll like it.That’s a sure one.The auto is authentic.News people don’t piddle around with people.I’ll even do a money back gaurentee on the auto’s.because I know their real as all these cards I must grade.Well send your thoughts on all this and have a SSSuper day always the Stallion of imagine that? A company that invents for us all not just for money! I’m the inventor,boy are you all going to be happy when I start next year.I have 1400 kick butt inventions for you;that help us make money and save you from thousand aches and pains from poor products.anyways send back your reply’s or wants,and yes I really have 163 autos of Enos Slaughter.I just lucked up 1 day!p/s I like the site thank you.

  23. I’ve got a Bruce Matthews card for the front, and the back is upside down with Danny Noonan’s picture (481). hcanaan@msn.com

  24. Anyone know where I can come across a 1989 pro set #445 Thomas Sanders promo card?

  25. We just clean out house in Riverside and there 7 White long box with ladels 1990 upper deck baseball Score 1990 football Pro set 1990 football also 1991 we have 1990 basdketball on one box also old baseball and football on one box say 1987 1988 1989 1990 score and pro set errors they look good all boxes loom !ike they have never been touched if you buy card please call us 1st email Tuckerteamhomes@ yahoo.com thanks Shane and April Tucker I spent couple hour pick out some of the player I used to watch in the 1990

  26. I have a whole set of 1990 proset cards for sale but dont know where to go. I have alot of expensive cards but im not looking for whats its worth. Im willing to make a deal so please contact me drehobbs1090@gmail.com. Thank you.

  27. I have a case of pro set series 1 1989 for sale. Tape closure has come loose do to age. No individual box has been opened. ncgirl06@verizon.net

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