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Historically speaking, the Score brand has always been a low-end product.  If your a collector on a serious budget, Score is where you want to go for cheap rookies of star players.  Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, and Troy Aikman are probably some of the best known athletes to have their best rookies on a Score card.  I’d like to see Panini do more with Score products.  I think they do a great job of creating some good looking cards that can easily be picked up for little on the secondary market.  A lot of Score cards past and present are extremely underrated.  I guess its a good thing for those collectors trying to watch their wallets, but I think they should get more credit.  Just because a product doesn’t cost all that much to open shouldn’t mean the cards inside are worth less.  Panini should create more products based on Score.  They should keep the low-end products they have now and expand on them.  They could easily kick Score up a notch.  I’m sure many collectors would love to pull an autographed buyback rookie of the Barry Sanders ’89 Score rookie.  Aikman fans would be right up there with them.  I bet Panini could make one heck of a baseball set using the Score designs.


This Peyton Manning 1998 Score rookie only sold for $0.56.

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  1. […] up there with them. I bet Panini could make one heck of a baseball set using the Score designs. Do More With Score Sports Card Info __________________ Shop for Sports Cards and Trading […]

  2. it figures. that set is the only true Manning rc I have.

  3. Yes, Score has been the underrated brand for the last 2 decades. With Topps leaving FB in 2010, and if Panini brings it back, it will be the longest running Football Brand. 22 years and Counting. Think about it From the late 1980s – Only Topps Baseball, Bowman Baseball and Score Football will be the only licensed brands that survived since 1989.

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