Welcome To Perfectville: Population 1

The Colts just lost their first game this year which means the ’72-’73 Perfect Season Miami Dolphins are safe for another year.  Every year there seems to be a team that looks like they might go all the way without losing, but it hasn’t happened in 36 years.  There are a ton of players from that team that should have relics and autographs made, but only a handful do.  Griese, Csonka, Yepremian, Scott, Little, and Shula make up the small amount of players that have relic and autographed cards.  I’d like to see more.  I highly doubt we’ll ever see another team go undefeated again.

3 Responses

  1. It would have been extremely cool to see two undefeated teams meet up in the Super Bowl, but once the Saints lost then the Colts had to lose as well. I think that both of these teams learned from the Patriots FU season where they blew their wad during the regular season and ran out of steam in the Super Bowl. Once you win that Super Bowl, the regular season record you just had is really just an afterthought. Sure, it would be great to go undefeated, but I doubt it will happen with the parity in the league and the longer schedule these days.

  2. Well, maybe if a good team gets a schedule that turns out to be all-time easy, it may yet happen again.

  3. *if another good team

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