Save Those Redemption Letters

Redemption cards can be one of the biggest pains in The Hobby today.  A majority of the time they are used to act as substitutes because the manufacturer couldn’t get a certain card inserted into a product on time before they had to ship it out.  Sometimes they are used for extremely rare cards and the manufacturer likes to hold on to the real thing just to keep it safe until its time for it to go to its new owner.  Usually when you receive your card in the mail, which could be weeks or even years, it comes with a letter from the company.  Most collectors toss the letter and keep the card wrapped inside.  After seeing this auction, it might not be a good idea to throw out those redemption letters, especially if they contain the signature of the person who is head of the company.  Who knew there was such a demand for a Dr. Price autograph?  These letters might actually be worth more than the cards themselves 🙂


Last summer I met TRISTAR’s President & CEO Jeff Rosenberg during the ’09 National in Cleveland.  After talking with him, he was nice enough to sign a copy of the e-mail he sent out to bloggers.  I wonder if there is a demand for his signature?

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