The Best Phillies Painting Ever

This has to be one of the coolest Phillies paintings I’ve ever seen.  It was painted by Jamie Cooper and is currently hanging in the Phillies Hall of Fame.  This painting features a ton of Phillies from the past and present all in one shot.  It looks as if they just got finished playing a game and someone popped their head inside the locker room and took a picture.  Imagine getting signatures on something like this.  Click on each picture to enlarge.




12 Responses

  1. Is Pete Rose not in there, and the Rose on the End Table supposed to symbolize Charlie Hustle??

  2. I took a picture of this last year and meant to post it on the blog because I actually really like this picture as well. It never happened and eventually I just deleted this pictures off my phone.

  3. Are they’re prints for sale?

    • Not sure if there are or not. Maybe at the stadium.

    • yes, there are prints. I am the artist who painted it. I am a Phillies fan living in Melbourne Australia and It took me a year to complete. contact me for details

      • Incredible is an understatement for this painting. I am a big Phillies fan and was simply searching for Phillies wallpaper when I found this. It just blows everything else away. Would you please contact me with information on prints and prices.
        Jim Demler

      • I am also interested in the prints – just saw the painting a few days ago and have been searching to buy them ever since. Let me know if they become available.

    • prints are for sale in peddlers village, Pa at the Kinkade gallery

  4. Thanks for the interest Jim. As mentioned there is consideration to a paper version of the image in that price range. At present we are just gauging the interest. Should there be sufficient feedback I will let you know…so spread the word and direct anyone else to my email address.

    I would love this to be affordable to all Phillies fans.

  5. Would love to buy a print.

  6. hi Ryan

    prints are available.

    contact me at:

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