Major Relic Mistake

Take a look at this “Chipper Jones” relic from ’09 Topps Tribute.  Looks to me like Topps used a Gehrig relic instead of something used by Jones.  The piece thats in there looks way too old to be from Jones.  Doesn’t this make you wonder how many other mistakes companies have made?  Not all the mistakes would be this easy to spot.  A lot of players have plain colored swatches and you’ed never know the difference.  Topps Tribute does has its share of mistakes, but before this it has been limited to missing names and logos.  This puts a whole new spin on things.

For the record, I still like Topps Tribute.


8 Responses

  1. Could it be a retro uniform swatch? That would be an odd choice if so.

  2. Or maybe it’s a get-even for the National Chicle Chipper Ruth.

  3. Upper Deck had a Hideki Matsui bat barrel card turn up with a Kaz Matsui nameplate last year, though I’m pretty sure that they replaced it.

    I really don’t think it makes much difference on the average relic card — how can you tell that your wood chip or fabric scrap comes from a particular bat or jersey anyway?

    I’d like to see Topps take a step away from the relic cards and instead offer redemptions for whole jerseys, bats, caps, etc.

  4. That’s def not jones jrsy

  5. I’m amazed that more people aren’t questioning the authenticity of swatches and other relics, especially given the questionable ethics of Upper Deck.

    After all, given that the collector has now way of verifying if the swatch/relic is actually from the player stipulated by the manufacturer, what’s to prevent a company from putting swatches from a random no-name practice jersey into a product and claiming they come from a game-worn jersey of a superstar?

  6. Kmart had steelers and eagles replica jerseys on sale so look for them to be used in the 2010 edition of NFL trading cards!

  7. mfw13 brings up a good point – while we don’t actually “know” if all of these swatches belonged to the player on the card, it’s in the card manufacturer’s best interests to make sure that they are accurate. I couldn’t even imagine what would happen to the industry if a major brand revealed that they had essentially been knowingly producing fakes for years.

    In my opinion, mistakes are going to happen. I’m much more concerned with the fake relic cards being sold on ebay, etc.

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