The Lowest of the Low

This morning I was thinking about a topic I could blog about and I came across these relic cards.  Does anyone remember these things?  In my opinion they have to be the lowest form of a relic card.  Companies haven’t made a ton of cards like this, probably because of all of the complaints they have received from collectors.  The relics inside these cards were worn by the athletes just for the photo shoot and wouldn’t even come close to something they would wear on the field.  I don’t mind Event-Worn materials as long as it is something they would actually wear in a game and not some gimmicky piece of sweatshirt or leather helmet worn for two seconds.

On an upside, for those collectors looking to save some money but still want to purchase a rookie card featuring a relic worn by their favorite player, these might be right up your alley.  They usually sell for a lot less than cards containing regular pieces of material.



One Response

  1. Yeah, that is a bit “low”. I like relics probably more than anyone else out there, but I wouldn’t even think about picking up one of these if it weren’t in my shop’s bargain relic bin.

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