Classic Topps Wrappers Right On Your Wall

LTL PRINTS is a new start-up located in Philadelphia and they plan to bring classic Topps wrappers right into your living room.  These giant prints, which can be up to 7ft tall, cover sports card wrappers made by The Topps Company over the last 60 years for baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.  According to LTL PRINTS, you simply peel and stick these graphics on your wall without the worry of damaging the wall itself.  They say these prints can be removed easily and re hung 100 times.  Be sure to check out the full press release here.

LTL PRINTS might be sending me over a few samples to use as contest giveaways.  I think they look cool and if you have the room make an excellent addition to your man cave 🙂





2 Responses

  1. Just checked out the website….they’ve got Wacky Packs too, which are even cooler than the sports wrappers?

    I’m wondering, though, did they have to license the images from Topps? What’s to prevent them from doing images of actual cards?

  2. They should make a wall paper version I would use that for my room

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