Card of the Day: Bryce Harper 2009 Bowman AFLAC


3 Responses

  1. i think this is his best card out there by far even if not autographed i would jump on this card fast if i didn,t have one already hard to find not any out there

  2. if anyone is listening jump on this bryce harper kid i,ve been collecting for years and never seen a baseball card sell for so much like this kid he is selling for more then a 2001 bowman chrome pujols auto some of his card,s check for yourself and if you want one you can afford buy the 09-10 usa upper deck big sigs only made 75 sliver auto and 25 gold auto they are going for around 300.00 but this is one of the shortest print,s out the and will only go uppers

  3. if you bought any of these on you might want to have them verified…My 2 were both FAKES!!!

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