Manufactured Patches Done Right…. Is It Possible?

I refuse to dedicate an entire post about the legal drama thats unfolding at Upper Deck this year.  Who cares about who can and cannot use logos for their trading card products.  I just hope Upper Deck is prepared to pay out some hefty legal fees.  Gellman over on SCU thinks its a possibility that Upper Deck could go under.  If that happens, I think its time that all card bloggers come together and start a new card company 🙂

I know manufactured patches don’t get a good rap within The Hobby.  Some collectors would rather pull a Barry Bonds ’87 Topps RC versus one of those manufactured letters where you can barley read the player’s signature.  Currently I only own one card like this in my collection and the only reason its there is because I can’t move it.  Nobody wants it!

While looking at some of the Phillies stuff coming out of 2010 Topps Series 1, I discovered a few commemorative manufactured patches which I think look really good.  I must not be the only one either, because they have been selling anywhere from $30.00 to $60.00.  I believe certain manufactured patches should be welcomed, but certainly not all.


’08 World Series logo commemorative patch – I like the look of this card a lot.  I still think a manufacturer should try and include pins into a card somehow.  I bet it would look something like this.


I know this isn’t a piece from an actual hat worn by Richie Ashburn, but it is made from hat material.  I’m also glad to see that Topps used the old Phillies “P” instead of the modern one.

2 Responses

  1. I love the hat patch cards and they are selling like hot cakes

  2. I pulled a couple of the Ted Williams patch all star cards from 2009 topps blasters and I think it was kind of neat to have a replica patch of the past all star games. Yes, I know I’ve been critical of manufactured patches in my blog but once in a while it’s okay to have it in a product. You don’t need to have it in every product and thousands of them. I opened a box of American Heritage and was excited about the apollo 10 patch I pulled mainly because I love most things related to space and nasa.
    Now that Chase patch doesn’t look very appealing but the ashburn looks really nice for a manufactured patch and they even used the old logo which is really a nice touch. We just don’t need 5000 patches in 50 sets is my complaint.

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