Signs That Your Pete Rose ’63 Topps RC Might Be Fake

This afternoon I came across an old article written by PSA that gives some great tips on spotting a fake ’63 Topps Pete Rose RC #537.  This card is one of the most counterfeited cards on the planet.  There was an entire investigation into these fakes and you can still find the ones stamped “COUNTERFEIT” up for sale.  I guess any Rose collection wouldn’t be complete without one.  Here are some signs your Rose rookie might be fake:

  • Black outline around Rose’s hat
  • The card is transparent when you hold it up to the light
  • 25% lighter than a standard card from ’63 Topps
  • Too perfect of condition – sure there are some really nice authentic ones on the market, but they are very rare.



2 Responses

  1. Are people still forging this or are these cards from the 1980s

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