UD Sweet Spot Gets An NCAA Twist + Draft Edition Info

Upper Deck unveiled its first two football products that take advantage of its exclusive NCAA license that goes into affect April 1 of this year.  These two products would be 2010 Draft Edition Football and 2010 NCAA Sweet Spot Football.

2010 Draft Edition Football – This product has been canceled!

This will be the third year Upper Deck has produced Draft Edition.  You can look for 5 autographs in each box on average.  This includes 2010 rookies and veterans pictured in their college uniforms.  New to this year are the box toppers that look like magazine covers.  As of right now, Draft Edition should be released in April.

I’ve busted a box of ’08 and ’09 Draft Edition, and they have each been ok.  Nothing too spectacular.


2010 NCAA Sweet Spot Football:

Due out in June, 2010 NCAA Sweet Spot Football is the first Sweet Spot brand based on college football.  Each box will contain 6 packs with an autograph or relic in each pack.  Upper Deck really plans to take advantage of their exclusive license by having multiple college football logo cards for each player.  It too will have rookies and veterans to collect.

I’m more excited about this product versus Draft Edition.  I’m a high-end pack ripper and enjoy a quick thrill without having a ton of base cards leftover.  After seeing these early pictures, I wish they wouldn’t have used silver ink on light colored backgrounds.  This can make the autographs hard to see.


You can see a lot more preview images of these two products over on Upper Deck’s Facebook Fan Page.

What does this mean for Press Pass?

Press Pass has been using college logos for years.  On March 31 they plan to release Draft Pick Football, which is their last product they can make using NCAA logos.  On their release calendar, Press Pass has two football releases for the summer – Portrait Edition and Legends.  I’m interested to see what these cards look like without logos.  Perhaps Press Pass will pull an Upper Deck like move and use logos anyway 🙂  With Upper Deck getting sued from everyone, maybe they don’t have enough money to sue Press Pass if they use NCAA logos.  Its going to be an interesting summer.

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