I Love Cards Like This

Before the summer last year, I wrote a post about how sports card manufacturers should make more cards about the industry’s history.  A few months later TRISTAR released Obak that contained a card of The Dukes, who came up with the idea to place cardboard inserts inside packs of their tobacco.  This year in 2010 Topps Series 1, collectors can find an insert set titled “Tales of the Game”.  This set contains a card about how Topps threw a ton of 1952 Topps cases in the Hudson River just to get them out of their way.  I love cards like this!  They don’t contain any autographs, relics, or serial numbers, but they tell the history of The Hobby.  I’d like to see more.  Looks to me like a few companies have been reading the blog.



2 Responses

  1. Let’s all pan the hudson for those cards

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