There’s Just Something About Those Gold Collectibles Relics

Maybe I’m paranoid, but something just doesn’t sit right with me when I look at these “Game-Used Memorabilia” cards made by Gold Collectibles during the early 2000’s.  Lets face it, these gold cards don’t have a lot of demand in The Hobby and they barely sell for anything.  I saw a card like this at a show last November (sitting right next to an NSA card) and wondered how authentic these pieces could be.  A majority of the time you’ll find these cards graded, if you want to call it that, by PRO or WCG.  PRO and WCG don’t hold any credibility, and grade almost anything that comes through the door a 10.  Unlike NSA cards, these Gold Collectibles relics are on player checklists though.  There is just something about them I don’t trust.  I sure wouldn’t buy one if I was looking for an authentic relic.  I think we can all agree on one thing.  These things are UGLY!!!

What do you think?  Do they deserve to be in the same category as those NSA relics?


One Response

  1. Ugh, you are right.. Those are UGLY. So, no, I would never buy one – authentic or not.

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