One T206 Relic I’d Like To Have

The Honus Wagner T206 tobacco card is one of the most counterfeited and reprinted cards on the market.  I consider myself lucky to have seen three originals in person and actually held one worth about $900,000.  I’m a sucker when it comes to the old relics that can be found in 2002 Topps T206.  From that set I own bat relics of Jimmy Collins, Sam Crawford, and Johnny Evers.  I’d like to add Buck Herzog, Tris Speaker, and John McGraw too.  But most of all I’d like to add this Honus Wagner bat, which is probably one of the most expensive relics in the set.  Of all the the Wagner reprints out there, this is my favorite.  Believe it or not, there are a few other versions of this card featuring a red background and a blue background that you rarely see because there are only 25 copies of each.  Recently one popped up for sale and it is already over the $200.00 mark.  This one is my personal favorite, just because it looks like the original one.


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