Phillies Prospect Mailday

I’m not one to purchase cards featuring prospects.  I’ve opened one box of Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects and I don’t think I’ll ever go down that road again.  Its also not common for me to purchase single prospect cards off of eBay, especially ones that sell for hundreds or even thousands.  There is so much hype around certain players that have never played a major league game in their life.

Earlier this week I bought a Dominic Brown 2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Auto #’ed/996.  This is my first prospect purchase since I bought a Jeremy Slayden ’06 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor #’ed/25.  Brown is one of the Phillies top prospects within the organization.  The Phillies must think he has a ton of talent if they didn’t want to trade him during the winter.  Many believe that he will replace Jayson Werth or Raul Ibanez after the 2010 season.

As far as autographs go, Donruss/Playoff (Panini) has the niche market on those.  Topps never included an autograph of him in any of their Bowman sets in 2008.  Although he has base cards and refractors found in Bowman Chrome, I’d still rather have an autograph.  He is one guy I’ll be watching this year.


2 Responses

  1. Fellow Phils fan here. I think that was a wise buy. He has a pretty clear track to the majors if (really, when) Werth leaves. I disagree with the prospect of Ibanez going anywhere after 2010 though, who is going to eat the last year of that contract?

  2. 2008 Bowman had a lot of Philly (and ex) prospects – Collier, Hewitt, Brown, Rizzotti, Donald, Marson, Harmon

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