31st NSCC Tickets Now Available!

Tickets for the 31st National Sports Collectors Convention are now available online.  This year’s National will take place on Aug. 4-8 at the Baltimore Convention Center.  Just like past National’s, collectors can purchase VIP and Super VIP packages packed with a bunch of exclusive stuff made for the show.  Be on the lookout for what promos and redemption programs manufacturers plan on having at this year’s National!

I usually purchase the regular VIP package which comes with a bunch of promos and autograph tickets.  I also purchase a few additional autograph tickets depending on who is signing the days I plan on attending.  This year I plan on being there Wed. thru Sat.  I know a lot of collectors think some of the autographs can get expensive, but I really enjoy the experience of meeting the athletes and its something you can’t pull from a box of cards.

I had a really great time at last year’s convention.  With Schulte Sports doing the marketing for The National this year I’m interested to see how it goes!  Lets see what kind of insider access I can get this year 🙂  Bring on The National!!!!!


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