Press Pass Jumps On The Exclusive Train

Press Pass decided to jump on the “exclusive” train today by signing Tim Tebow to an exclusive contract.  This just means that Press Pass will be the only manufacturer to make cards of Tebow for draft pick products.  Press Pass Football and Press Pass Portrait Edition are the only places you’ll find Tebow in a draft pick product.  The exclusive contract is only against their competitor SA-GE.  For you SA-GE fans, you won’t be finding Tebow cards in any of their products this year.  This in no way effects NFL licensed products.  Collectors will still find plenty of Tebow rookies in products licensed by the NFL, and who knows maybe some that aren’t 🙂  This exclusive contract really doesn’t affect much of anything.  SA-GE has its collectors, but nothing huge.  Press Pass football products have a much higher demand than stuff from SA-GE.

2010 Press Pass Football will be released on March 31, one day before Upper Deck’s exclusive college license goes into effect.  I’m interested to see what Portrait Edition looks like when its released this summer.  My contact at Press Pass told me they will continue to make football cards.  My guess is that they will airbrush the logos off or do what Upper Deck did and claim that the logos on the uniforms don’t count.  A lot depends on what happens next month when Upper Deck goes to court against MLB.  I bet Press Pass could survive on just NASCAR products if they had to.


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