A Little Autograph Help Is Needed

For a long time now I have been getting autographs on various baseball bats while attending shows and other events.  This morning I decided to sit down and make a list of every autograph on each bat just to have some kind of a record.  I probably should have done this while getting the autographs but never did.  I came across one autograph that I cannot identify.  Maybe you can help.  Here is a picture:


I went through 35 different signatures and this is the only one I can’t remember.  Anyone have any ideas who the mystery autograph might be?

Here is a list of all the autographs I have on my bats:

  • Tom McCarthy
  • Milt Thompson
  • Dickie Noles
  • Frank Howard x2
  • Bobby Shantz
  • Harry Kalas
  • Dick Allen
  • Gene Garber x2
  • Brooks Robinson
  • Jay Johnstone
  • Clete Boyer
  • Mickey Morandini x2
  • Bob Feller x2
  • Willie Fordham
  • Bill Mazeroski
  • Pat Zachry
  • Mike Hargrove x2
  • Pete Rose
  • Lou Marson
  • Lee May
  • Johnny Bench
  • Todd Pratt
  • Andre Thornton
  • Greg Luzinski
  • George Scott
  • Roger Craig
  • Sal Bando
  • Tom Herr
  • J.A. Happ
  • Kyle Kendrick
  • Ken Griffey Sr
  • Chuck McElroy
  • Stan Bahnsen
  • Marty Bystrom
  • Darren Daulton
  • Chris Coste


Its Chris Coste!!!!!!!!

5 Responses

  1. Chris Coste – I may have to take away your Phillies Phan Liscense!

  2. Why that’s Phily boy Chris Coste

  3. AKA Mr. 33 yr old rookie!

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