Upper Deck Should Revive Their Golf Products

Should Upper Deck bring back its golf products?  I believe so.  Today’s hobby is filled with a bunch of different products based around UFC fighters and the PBR.  Why the hell not bring back golf boxes?  With MLBP making it very difficult for Upper Deck to produce baseball cards, I think this would give them a good opportunity to revive their popular golf brands like SP Authentic and perhaps create a few new ones.  From 2001 to 2004 Upper Deck produced golf cards on a regular basis and today many of those cards are still in high demand.  Obviously, Tiger Woods leads all of golf with some of the most valuable cards even with his recent troubles.  But other players such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, and Payne Stewart are still bringing in a lot of bids.  Even John Daly can bring in some big dollars depending on the type of card.

After 2004, you could find golf cards randomly inserted within other trading card products.  Most of the time these cards would be of Tiger Woods, especially if it was an Upper Deck product.  Today the largest maker of golf cards I believe is Creative Cardboard Concepts which distributes products like Sportskings and Famous Fabrics.  Those are two very high-end products and judging by some of the sales collectors are still into golf relics and autographs.  Famous Fabrics doesn’t even contain pictures of the players and people still want them for their collection.

There are a lot of unexplored areas Upper Deck could venture into when it comes to golf cards.  Shirts, gloves, and bags are some of the relics you’ll find on the market today.  I’d like to see part of the golf ball inserted into a card somehow.  Many pro golfers have unique ways of marking their balls and I think it would be cool to see that part of the ball in a card.  Lets not forget about flags, shoes, and clubs.  If Upper Deck can obtain sand from Omaha Beach, why not get some sand from Pebble Beach 🙂


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