Pawn Stars and the Lou Gehrig Jersey

Watch this video and then read my response.

Above is a video of Tom Tresh who frequently posts videos on YouTube explaining to collectors about recent scams that have taken place within The Hobby.  Let me say that he does a great job of researching in order to prove his points.  Just like this video, most of the time the counterfeit items he talks about are in some way connected with Coach’s Corner (breeding ground for scammers), STAT Authentic (the least reputable company anyone could trust to certify their items), and various other terrible company’s that will certify anything that walks through their door.

To start off, let me say that I’m a big fan of the show Pawn Stars.  Its fun to watch what comes through the door and learn about each unique item.  I think people need to realize that reality television isn’t 100% real.  If it was, it probably wouldn’t be that entertaining.  You would have to be crazy to believe that each deal that looks to go through on that show actually does.  Nothing in life, especially in the sports collectibles business is ever that clean-cut and perfect.  The Lou Gehrig “autographed” jersey is a perfect example of that.  It sounds like this jersey is still with the original owner who brought it into the shop.  That means they never bought it on the show, probably because they don’t trust any of those COA’s either.  Most likely they needed to fill in a spot on the show where they looked like they purchased something.  Seeing that they never purchased it should show that they care whats real and whats not.  When you have a reality T.V. show, millions of details will slip through the cracks that won’t be aired to the public.  It would be nice if The History Channel followed-up on some of these transactions, but thats not going to happen.  On the show, they end each transaction with an hand shake but rarely do you ever see them do the paperwork.

If your a collector of anything, I suggest you watch the show.  Just remember that its entertainment and not everything you see on television is real.  Many episodes have featured counterfeit items and they explain why they think certain items aren’t real.  There is a lot of good information on this show, but sometimes you need to watch out for stuff like this.  This is why the blogosphere exists.  Its hear to help out collectors and make them realize they can’t take everything for face value.


I’m now getting reports that the jersey is still in the shop.  I can’t believe they would trust STAT Authentic if they bought it.  I’m not sure what to believe now 🙂  What do you think?

18 Responses

  1. Being in the antique/collectible business, I can’t say for certain what is or isn’t in terms of what gets pawned at that store (the Superman ring is in my realm of expertise, and the Pawn shop guy was right, he’d be lucky to get $200 for it. It may be one of twelve known but the condition was poor – like dug-out-of-the-ground-poor). Now, American Pickers is pretty much true-to-life when it comes to pickin’ ‘tiques. I’m THAT guy (or those guys). You can travel a thousand miles and it’d be a bust, or you’ll tromp through a dozen junk yards and walk away with one item that doesn’t pay the gas. Then again, you might hit one place that pays your expenses and the bills for a couple months. Pickers is far superior to Pawn Stars to me (and it hits home).

  2. jerseys still in the shop – i was there last week and saw it with my own 2 eyes … wanted to buy it i gamble haha

    maybe that dude doesn’t update his website?

  3. You, Ross Chrisman are an absolute ass. Who and what makes you an authority. This is your opinion and you know what they say about opinions.

  4. My public response to Chris is this, go ahead and name names. You can start with your own. I read that you hide your identity because you are afraid of people trying to hurt you. Could it be that you are really hiding from lawyers yourself? You rant about all of the fake autographs and question peoples credibility when you go by a fake name yourself and have no standing in the hobby. It’s easy to criticize and you are welcome to your opinions but to defame others for theirs is a bit hypocritical. Do you have proof the autographs were forged or do you speculate that they are fake and assume foul play? Can you prove certification was given knowing the autographs were fake? I think if you really had proof you would have gone to the authorities about it already. Otherwise, for all I know you could be sitting in a trailer park in New Jersey making stuff up.

  5. I am both a fan of the show and a collector of sports memorabilia and antiques. I watch Pawn Stars regularly and hope to visit the shop on my next Vegas trip. Anyways, this all seems like a bunch of B.S.! Is the item authentic? Who really knows?!? You state that Tom “Trashy” Tresh does an excellent job of researching in order to prove his points. When and where in this video does he actually PROVE his point? He simply states that the jersey is still for sale on Kevin’s website and that he called the pawn shop and they said the jersey isn’t there. He also claims to have contacted the History channel, demanding an explanation and proof of the jersey and transaction. That REALLY made me laugh! Does this guy ACTUALLY think the History channel gives two sh*ts what he thinks? I mean really… they just want viewers to continue watching their show, which they will b/c the show is entertaining and informative (even though some of the transactions might be just for show). To me, this is simply another conspiracy theory like the government being responsible for 9/11 and the moon-landing being faked in a studio. People, like Trashy Tom, are simply jealous haters that try and make others believe what they want to be true. Unless this guy Tresh actually has SOLID facts, people should disregard his comments and keep enjoying the show!

  6. First off they didnt have sharpie markers out 80 years ago so anything that was sign was with a pen !! Im sure you collecters know this ?? right i hope

  7. Something that should be talked about also, is that the jersey in question was also taken to a FORENSIC DOCUMENT EXAMINER, Drew Max of AAU in Las Vegas.
    Keep in mind now, NO auction house or autograph seller in the NATION has to issue a refund based on any 3rd party that does not use COURT APPROVED methods.


    People need to look at ALL facts before spouting off, much like Tom Tresh2/ CHRIS WILLIAMS on his youtube videos does….

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  9. You people that are attacking tomtresh are ignorant. Sure, we’re all entitled to opinions blah blah blah. A high school student could understand how obviously fake the forgeries he exposes are. For anyone that asks “How do you know the Gehrig jersey isn’t real?”…Uh, are you serious? tomtresh isn’t a genius; sports memorabilia simply isn’t that complicated. Anyone that gets burned buying a crap autograph deserves it.

  10. Don’t bother vistiting the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop of you go to Vegas. It is a COMPLETE let down. The place is not well kept at all and the merchandise is lame. Pawn Stars is my favorite TV show but I wasted me time visiting that place when I was out there. It sucked.

    You can’t even meet them. They don’t come out.

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  15. I am still watching the video and reading this article in 2016!

  16. Rick told the owner of that Jersey, the shirt isn’t a Yankee uniform. That says it it’s worth only of the signature. I’m surprised he didn’t have his autograph guy come in and authentic the signature

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