Flashback Product of the Week: 2008 Topps Letterman Football

When this product was released I can remember the hell that broke lose throughout the forums and blogosphere.  Many collectors call these some of the ugliest cards ever produced.  To start off, manufactured patches don’t get a lot of love.  Instead of having the athlete sign the actual letter, Topps decided to have them sign a piece of plastic that would lay on top of the patch.  I think they did this because a lot of the signatures that get signed on the patch don’t show up very well and/or it was easier for them to get the people to sign the plastic.  Either way a lot of collectors thought they looked terrible.

There are three (3) mini boxes per full hobby box.  Two of the three should contain an autograph.  The third will just contain a non-autographed manufactured patch.  Collectors didn’t like paying almost $200.00 for only two autographs.  Sure they would be low numbered, but it still made them mad.  If you didn’t purchase a whole hobby box, but instead bought a single mini box, you could have spent almost $70.00 and received just a plain manufactured patch.


One Response

  1. Nice looking card but it probably would have been a lot better if the autograph was place on the other side.

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