Score Board’s COA Is No Better Than NSA’s

Its 2:00 in the morning.  You just got home from a long night of bad decision making.  Whats the next thing you should do?  Thats right, turn on Shop at Home and see what crap the people at The Score Board, Inc are selling.

Take a look at this piece of junk made by The Score Board, Inc back in the 90’s.  This Mark McGwire Diamond Kings “autograph” is numbered one-of-one and the seller is looking to get around $100.00 for it.  Too bad this thing is fake.  It would make one heck of an authentic card.  McGwire’s rookie may have gone down to nothing, but his relics and autographs are very collectible.  I wouldn’t trust Score Board’s COAs anymore than NSA’s.  Reading the COA they plastered on the back doesn’t state McGwire’s name anywhere.  Yeah, its certified alright.  Its a certified autograph of who is the real question.  Stay far away from Score Board’s stuff!!!  Its a good thing this company went out of business.



7 Responses

  1. Actually, it may look like it is on the back of the card, but the certificate is actually separate to the card. So it’s possible that the card it originally came with was an authentic signature, but the certificate has just been taken and used with another card. The real autographed cards had seals on the corner also certifying the autograph.

    The sad thing is that Score Board was actually at one time the card company Classic, which at one time put out Proline Live Football cards that did have certified autographs in them. Things however started to go downhill when they changed their name to the Score Coard

  2. Lol that president lives around the corner from me

  3. I have a bunch of autographed cards from that company. Dad got them when I was a kid. Thought I had some expensive stuff! Guess not! If anyone could email me and tell me what u could possibly get for this crap

  4. Alex, your history of the company is very inaccurate. I actually worked for Classic Games, which was a subsidiary of The Score Board, Inc. The autographs on draft cards for each of the 4 major sports were authentic. We had the athletes coming into the office to sit down and autograph them. The Score Board, Inc. existed before and after the dissolution of Classic Games, Inc. I have no incentive to give false information. I, too, hope that in the unopened packs I was given as an employee that a signed rookie card for Shaquille O’Neal is amongst them. Although with the inaccurate bashing of the company, I doubt it will be worth much at this point.

  5. Score Board, Inc.’s autographs were all real when purchased directly from HSN or SB. The problem with SB was that their Letters of Authenticity were so ambiguous that they were readily copied and faked, or switched out with unauthentic pieces. I guaranty that’s what happened with the Mac “autograph;” I NEVER remember SB releasing a 1 of 1 autograph.

  6. I was looking to buy a Ali autograph coa from the Score Board . Can anyone tell me if its legit?

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