Another Note On Score Board COA’s

Early this morning I received a comment on the post I wrote yesterday dealing with Score Board COA’s.  Apparently that COA with the McGwire “autograph” isn’t plastered on the back of the card.  Instead its totally separate, which is completely worse.  What stops someone from making their own counterfeit autograph and then taking a crappy COA that doesn’t mention the player’s name to go along with it?  Thats right.  Nothing.  I said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Stay far away from items certified by Score Board.


Any counterfeiter could use this COA for almost anything.

5 Responses

  1. Some more information on it for you.

    What actually happened was that Score Board actually did a “buy-back” program. They bought “old”(in many cases only 1 to 4 years old) cards not only that they had made, but other manufacturers had made, and got players to autograph them. They then put a “seal” on the lower right hand corner certifying the autograph, and included the “certificate” with the cards (though I’m not too sure if it went with all of them).

    And yes, that certiciate could be used for almost anything – like the fake Mark McGwire auto card in your previous post. That is not one of the Score Board autographed cards. Why? These were not number, whereas the McGwire has a 1/1 hand written in the corner.

  2. Any certificate of authenticity is only worth the paper it’s printed on… there’s no reason to single out Score Board.

  3. I just started looking into selling my autographed baseball I received as a present when i was a kid (in the 90’s) My COA actually says the player’s name. Does that make a difference?

  4. Mi unisco a tutte le suddette. Cerchiamo di discutere la questione.

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