Redemption Improvement

For four years now the Topps Finest Baseball Rookie Redemptions have been quite popular with collectors.  Throughout the summer, collectors eagerly await which rookie will be assigned to each number, and hoping the card they have will be the one thats autographed.

Topps must have been reading my blog, because this year they have finally covered up the redemption codes used to redeem the cards online.  Last year’s Finest had the codes printed on the back, but not covered.  Anyone could have used the code and then put that card up for sale telling collectors it wasn’t used.  I received a few e-mails from collectors who purchased last year’s redemptions, and when then went to redeem their card it said the code has been used.  Therefore the scammer received the money for the redemption and got the card after Topps started to mail them out.  I’m glad to see Topps taking this little extra step to ensure the security of their cards.  If your looking to purchase one online, be sure to get a picture of the back to ensure the grey covering is still in tack.

I think Topps has the best designed redemption cards within The Hobby.  Other manufacturers slap a label on what looks like a plain white filler.  Anyone could print that up on a computer and paste it on any of the fillers they’ve collected trying to pass it off as real.  Topps has colorful fronts and a ton of small print on the back which would take a counterfeiter longer to fake.

This weekend I will be attending the annual Ephrata Lions Club Sports Card & Memorabilia Show.  I have been going to this show for years, because it usually has a ton of Phillies stuff.  Fergie Jenkins will be signing autographs, and I’d like to try some of this year’s Finest.  Last year I pulled a Gold Refractor Rookie Redemption of card #1 in the set.


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  1. Yeah….it’s nice that they do that but I am still waiting for my redemptions from last year!

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