Razor’s Legends of the Diamond

Right now there is a product on the market that I wouldn’t touch with a 10 ft pole.  That product is Razor’s new 2010 Legends of the Diamond.  Each box contains (1) pre-1970 card graded by PSA a 7 or higher or (1) pre-1970 card that is autographed and authenticated by PSA.  I think the concept for the product is great, but the price tag is a little too much for me ($240.00 a box).  Unless you read the forums, its going to be hard to see what has been pulled from this product because nowhere on the PSA holders does it state Razor’s actual name.  For those collectors that enjoy hit or miss products, this one is for you.  Out of all the breaks I’ve seen, probably my favorite card pulled has been the Ted Williams 1950 Bowman PSA 7.  The one card people are looking for is the Mickey Mantle signed 1952 Topps #311.  I have a feeling when that card is pulled, you’ll see a decrease in this product’s price.  The only problem is that you’d have to match up the PSA serial numbers to see if its the actual one from Razor.  I’m sure there are a few collectors that have a PSA slabbed autographed Mantle from that set.  Perhaps after the price comes down I’ll give it a shot.


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