Baseball America Utilizes Card Images

If your a prospector or perhaps just a fan of Minor League baseball, I’m sure your familiar with Baseball America’s Hot List.  Each Friday, BA posts a list of the top prospects in baseball that performed very well that week.  For those collectors of everything Chrome, its one of the top places to get information on your favorite prospects.

I for one, don’t do a lot of prospecting.  Besides my purchase of a Domonic Brown ’08 Elite autograph, I usually stay away from it.  Just for fun I thought I would check out the Hot Sheet this week and I noticed that BA now includes a picture of a Bowman card of the player in the #1 spot.  I like this idea a lot and I think it should be done more often on other non-card related sites.  I still think manufacturers should find a way to get card images in popular video games like Madden and MLB The Show.  Instead of waiting for the customer to come to you, enter the market where the customer is.


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