The 2010 NFL Draft Puzzle Pin

The 2010 NFL Draft has come to a close, but it’s collectibles are just starting to surface.  As a large collector of sports pins, I was looking to see if I could find the same pin the announcers were wearing on ESPN.  So far, I haven’t had much luck.  Instead, I’ve stumbled upon the pins below that were given out to people that attended the Draft.  Each day of the Draft, a new pin was given out to 4,000 people.  When all the pins are put together they form Radio City Music Hall.

Pins are highly collectible within the sports memorabilia market.  I’d love to see a manufacturer insert pins into cards somehow.  Especially ones from specific events like the NFL Draft, Super Bowl, and the World Series.



One Response

  1. I think Pinnacle came the closest with redemption cards in packs for pins. Something like their Inside product would have been perfect for inserting pins. As a fellow pin collector, I’d jump all over a product like that.

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