Flashback Product of the Week: 1959 Fleer Ted Williams

Fleer was trying to establish themselves as a major card manufacturer by 1959.  Topps had control over most of the market and had snatched up almost every player in MLB, except for Ted Williams that year.  Williams was really ahead of his time and new the value of his image, thats why he held out for more money and decided to go with Fleer.  The deal may have worked out better for Williams, but this is one decision Fleer wished they never went through with.  That year, Fleer released an 80-card set based solely on Ted Williams and nobody else.  Talk about limiting your market!  Not only did the set feature Williams in various baseball poses, but it also showed him doing activities in daily life.  It was a complete failure because if you weren’t a Red Sox or Williams fan, you probably weren’t going to buy a pack.  Not too many collectors were interested in having a card picturing Williams fishing or just relaxing.

Just an FYI.  Card number 68 was pulled from production early and is the rarest card in the set.  It is heavily counterfeited.


One Response

  1. I think it’s a great card. I like that it shows he’s human.

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