Baseball Card Pocket Watches

The Hobby is filled with a ton of strange stuff.  Baseball card pocket watches fit very well in this category.  I don’t think I could ever slice up a card, even if its a meaningless base card nobody gives two turds about.  The thought doesn’t even cross my mind when I think of vintage cards.  But apparently not everyone thinks like me (I’m shocked :)) and have cut up a few cards to insert into pocket watches.  I don’t like the idea when manufacturers rip autographed cards up to make cut signatures either.  This is just wrong.



One Response

  1. Collectors love em. I know because I make these rare works of art. Not every baseball card is suitable for doing this. The card must have a SWEET SPOT.
    More examples can be found at

    I certainly would not take a valuable card and do this. The Mantle and Boyer pictured above cost me about $20. Watches and sports have been in my blood since I was a young boy. And even got a patent for my Baseball pocket watch design. It is a lot of fun to find a card that has a perfect image to make the dial from.

    They have always been a limited edition of less than 30 serial numbered watches and Most are 1/1 making these one of a kind heirlooms.

    In the first series I use the Seiko pc21s quartz movement.

    For the second series I use only SWISS movements and each BASEBALL CARD POCKET WATCH is a one of a kind (1/1) hand signed and dated inside the case.

    Each timepiece is assembled by hand here in Virginia. I have a lot of fun making them and some of my customers have made numerous purchases. They make the perfect gift for watch collectors and/or sports fans. I have clients that send a photo of a loved one to create a dial to make something special for them. The line has expanded into Soccer and Basketball with new releases coming.

    It is not wrong. It is right on TIME! Thanks for the fun.

    Best regards,

    John J DeMatteo JR

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