The Final Blow To NSA

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I talk about NSA cards, people still send me messages asking if this stuff is real.  Once again I will say NO!  I was recently directed towards this card by one of my readers.


Do you notice anything funny about this “authentic” Kirby Puckett relic?  Take a good look at the patch.  Those patches were worn in 2009 to commemorate the closing of the Metrodome.  Puckett played his last game in 1995 and passed away in 2006.  I highly doubt its possible that he wore a patch from 2009.

This is the final blow to those people that think NSA cards are legit.  All of the posts I’ve written about NSA have become quite popular, but this is the last time I will mention their name……. I think.  There isn’t much more to say after this.

7 Responses

  1. It’s entirely possible that it’s authentic “game-used” material. From your scan, it looks like they’re leaving it to the buyer to infer that it was used by Kirby Puckett.

  2. paul has a point it could be game worn ur just infering it was worn by him that’s how nsa stays in bisness they don’t specificly day if it was worn by him

  3. Now why would NSA go to the trouble of using real game used material to make these cards if it wasn’t from the player pictured? That’s absurd of course it’s fake. Please I’d love to know their phone number and call them up and ask but they don’t give one because their not legit. If I wear a jersey in a baseball game it’s game used technically but I bet most people won’t pay $30 for it.

  4. There is no way Kirby Puckett wore this in 2009 in a game at home. He could of been wearing it in his grave. NSA made a mistake and that is a fact. Are they not allowed to make mistakes? Upper Deck, which is going out of business soon, is making all kinds of mistakes. You are just waiting for them to make a mistake so you can blow it up on your forum.
    I love these cards, they make cheap presents.

    • cheap presents is right….man, i bet you’re a hit a christmans…no thanks, man….no thanks.

    • YES! 100% agree. also, wouldnt they be getting the heck sued out of them if they werent legit? by MLB, NFL, NBA, so on, and players? ya, on would think so

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