Attax Football To Include Autographs

Despite being one of Topps biggest sellers, I’ve never paid close attention to the entire Attax line of cards.  I’m not into playing card games and stuff like that, but today I believe Topps took a step in the right direction after they announced they plan to include autographs in their 2010 Topps Attax Football boxes.

Companies have been trying to get children back into The Hobby for years, and I think Topps really has something good going with Attax.  If they were able to get kids hooked on a card game that didn’t include autographs, 2010 Topps Attax Football should get them even more addicted because it will include autographs.  Its a great way to get them interested in other elements of The Hobby, while they still can play the card game they love.  Hopefully this tactic will keep children interested as they get older.

When Attax was first introduced in the United States, I didn’t think it would sell.  I thought it was going to turn into another MLB Showdown.  If Topps could get Attax somehow included into video games, I think you would see a drastic change in The Hobby.  Cheers to Topps!!!!


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