Cooper’s Phillies “Dream Team” Painting IS Coming To Fans

This evening I received an e-mail from Jamie Cooper.  Jamie is the artist who painted the famous Phillies “Dream Team” painting that is hanging in the Diamond Club at Citizens Bank Park.  He contacted me awhile back to see if I could help spread the word to see if collectors would be interested in a more affordable version of this great piece of art.  I’m happy to announce that after a few blog posts later the feedback has been overwhelming and Jamie has decided to bring this painting to the fans.  Thats the power of blogging!

Print Highlights:

  • It will be printed on 300gsm quality art stock
  • The size will be approx. 39 x 15 inches
  • Each print will come signed by Jamie Cooper
  • The print will be accompanied by an A4 sheet with the entire story of the painting including the many hidden secrets woven into the scene
  • Price is $125 plus postage and handling ($25)
  • The lithographic print on paper will be released in 2 weeks time, delivery within 4 weeks

For more information, you can contact Jamie Cooper at:


Click to enlarge

8 Responses

  1. Is this a limited time thing?

  2. […] delivery within 4 weeks For more information, you can contact Jamie Cooper at: Cooper’s Phillies “Dream Team” Painting IS Coming To Fans Sports Card Info __________________ Shop for Sports Cards and Trading […]

  3. Great job, I absolutely love this painting, and am very excited about the opportunity to get a version for my home, thanks for spreading the word and putting in the work!


  4. Great painting, best of luck!

  5. I just saw the painting today at the ball park. Outrageously beautiful!!! As a long time Phillies fan……….I was emotionally overwhelmed by this magnificent painting that captures the essence of the Phillies.

    I very, very much am interested i obtaining a print when it becomes available. Are you taking pre-orders yet? If so, where could i mail my payment. Please advise. You hit a grand slam home run with this one, Mr. Cooper!!!!!

  6. Love the painting. Seen it on a ballpark tour today at Citizens Bank Park. When will they be available and how do I go about purchasing one? Also, will they be available in stores or do I just purchase the painting from you? Great job, Mr Cooper…..

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