Flashback Product of the Week: 2004 MLB Sportsclix

One weekend back in 2004 I stopped in at one of my local card shops.  When entering, I was presented with two promo figures from the new MLB Sportsclix game.  Taking one look at this new product, I knew it wasn’t going to stick around long, and I was right.  Collectors could build their teams by purchasing various booster packs.  Some figures were rarer than others and you could look for different colored bases too.  I never learned how to play the game, and after 2004 I never heard anything else about them again.  You have to admit, they do look cool sitting on your shelf.  Booster packs can be picked up for very little money.


2 Responses

  1. I have three of these promo figures from the blaster boxes of 2004 Topps I bought. They were Dontrelle Willis, Paul LoDuca, and Ken Harvey. They’re sitting around collecting dust as well.

  2. Ah yes, Sportsclix. At one point they had plans to do clix games for ALL of the major sports, I think Football would have been the best since the figures would have been almost the same size as electronic football games.

    There are a FEW of those clix that are worth big bucks or at least used to be. There was a Barry Bonds that was produced as a promo, and he refused to let them put him in the actual game, so that piece was worth a TON. I sold one for $50 on eBay at one point.

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