Allen & Ginter Is A Card Explosion!

I don’t open a lot of Allen & Ginter, but I must admit it has been quite entertaining to watch and read all the breaks that have taken place this week.  When Allen & Ginter arrives, it almost reminds me of a giant card explosion.  This year’s set is probably one of the best I’ve seen since 2006.  I like the fact that Topps didn’t tell everyone what is included in the 2010 version.  Sometimes its good for collectors to discover things out for themselves.  It sure helps with the hype!

One of the biggest selling points to this year’s Allen & Ginter is the chance of pulling a Stephen Strasburg card.  Finding a Strasburg card in this product is extremely rare.  The only two cards you’ll find will be the base mini and the autograph redemption.  In fact, the first Strasburg redemption has surfaced on eBay and is already over the 1k mark.  The people buying his stuff are nuts!


One thing I don’t like about 2010 Allen & Ginter are the Topps Employee Edition autographs.  I really don’t see the point of having them.   They almost remind me of those Scout autographs that you could pull from Bowman a few years ago.



I don’t know what it is about Allen & Ginter, but gimmicks work in this product.  I like how on the back of the above card it states “The relic contained in this card is not from anything at all“.

One Response

  1. The scout autographs were ok; at least they had a role in the game. The Topps employee autographs are pointless and should have been limited to an “in-house” thing if they were done at all.

    The Jack & The Beanstalk card is cool, but the $700 price tag on the one I saw on eBay is ridiculous.

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