Razor’s 2010 National Redemption Promos

This morning, Brian Gray of Razor Entertainment announced some of the redemption programs that will be taking place during the 2010 National this year.  Here is what collectors can look forward to.

  • Limited edition 4-card promo set featuring FEDOR EMELIANENKO, BROCK LESNAR, DOYLE BRUNSON AND MUHAMMAD ALI will be available.  EVERY card serial numbered.  Consumers will receive 1 card from the set per box of 2010 Razor product opened at the booth (cannot be combined with below offer).
  • For opening 4 boxes combined of the below, consumers will receive a 1-card Pop Century Bonus pack containing either a BLUE AUTOGRAPH NUMBERED TO 5 OR LESS (POSSIBLE HARRISON FORD!) OR AN ORIGINIAL POP CENTURY 1 OF 1 SKETCH CARD (these are the only pop century sketches for this release).  The ONLY products available for this redemption are: 2010 RAZOR POP CENTURY, 2010 RAZOR SPORTS ICONS, 2010 RAZOR POKER, AND 2010 RAZOR CUT SIGNATURE) .  (Cannot be combined with above offer).


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