One of my favorite sets last year was TRISTAR Obak.  The main reason why I like it so much is because it contains so many people that have never been featured on a card before.  These cards can be found in the Game Changers portion of the set.

Because of its popularity, TRISTAR plans to bring Obak back for 2010.  Its due to be released on 8/11/10 and promises 11 different hits per box.  After taking a look at the checklist, I see they plan to include Jefferson Burdick within the Game Changers cards.  Burdick is the author of The American Card Catalog and was one of the first true collectors to try and put some order to The Hobby.  I know I, and Chris Harris of Stale Gum will be happy to see this.

The set will also be printed on recycled paperboard, and judging by the sales sheet, the pictures seem to be in better focus.  I can’t wait for this product to be released.  You can click on the sales sheet to enlarge.


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