Welcome Home Phillies “Dream Scene” Print

A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail from Jamie Cooper who painted the Phillies “Dream Scene” painting that hangs in the Diamond Club of Citizens Bank Park.  Inside the package were two signed prints of this famous piece of art.  I decided to get one framed to place on my wall.  As a Phillies fan, this is a great addition to my personal collection.  If your interested in adding one of these prints to your collection, please contact Jamie Cooper at: jamie@jcap.com.au


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  1. Mr. Cooper,

    I have admired your painting in the Home Plate Lobby at CPB, for quite some time and I would like to request a print for one of my dear friends for his birthday. We work for the Phillies as Premium Service, Day of Game staff. He knows all about the painting and shares all of his info with the fans who are willing to listen. He is an avid Phillies fan, as well as a collector of Phillies memorabilia. Please let me know how I can obtain a print of this outstanding painting.

    Thank you,
    Karen S

  2. Hey,

    where did you get the frame and how much did it cost?

  3. Where does one find this print? My father in an avid Phillies fan. A nice tie in is the Australian artist as we immigrated to Australia when I was young. He is about to turn 70 and this could be one very special present.

  4. Has anyone tried to purchase one of these from Wayne? I emailed him and the return contact information is in Australia…just skeptical from doing this online and not having the sale done in the US….any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hello James! Being an American in Australia I got in touch direct and threw them a little by being in the same ‘town’. They are well set up to assist those in America. It is very professionally run. Your poster will be expertly packaged for the journey and you certainly won’t be disappointed in any way. Please don’t hesitate to deal with Jamie ‘over the pond’.

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