PHOTOS: Harrisburg Senators vs. Portland Sea Dogs

Last night I took a trip down to Harrisburg to see the Senators take on the Portland Sea Dogs.  The Senators are the AA affiliate of the Washington Nationals and the Sea Dogs are affiliated with the Red Sox.  This was the first time I had been to Metro Bank Park.  I attended a few Senators games many years ago, but that was well before they built this new stadium.  Parking was a little weird, and the food could have been better.  I really liked my seat because foul balls were coming my way all the time.  In the end, Harrisburg won 10-0.

I picked up three different team sets:

  • Eastern Division 2010 All-Star Set
  • Western Division 2010 All-Star Set
  • Harrisburg Senators 2010 Team Set – this one has Strasburg in it






Jordan Zimmerman is in Harrisburg doing his rehab



As you can see, SpongeBob was at the game.  He should have pitched.  I hear he has a nasty “sinker” 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Nice pics. I need to take the kids down there.

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