The National Is Coming Together!

Thanks to Blowout Cards for posting a few, very early, images of the 2010 National.  I will be leaving Wednesday morning and heading to Baltimore.  When I get back, get ready for a full report with lots of photos.  This will be the 3rd National I’ve attended.  The first two I went to were great!  I’ve pulled a “one-of-one” during each show, and last year I was able to get behind the TRISTAR autograph booth and get my picture taken with seven Heisman Trophy winners.  The National has traditionally been a very lucky place for me.

Prices of wax boxes are usually quite reasonable during The National.  My favorite place to by wax is Marty’s Sports Card Exchange.  Blowout Cards and Dave & Adam’s Card World are also great places to purchase boxes.  I also look forward in taking advantage of the many wrapper redemption programs provided by the manufacturers.

Brian Gray of Razor Entertainment is suppose to be unveiling some big news during The National too.  I have no idea what it will be.  Perhaps we’ll find out if Razor is owned by another manufacturer, or maybe they plan to unveil some new product that will revolutionize the industry.  What do you think?

No matter what happens, I’m sure it will be a great National.  For those collectors wanting to know what to bring.  Just bring cash.  In my opinion, The National is meant for buying stuff.  Who else is going?




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