The Hobby Needs Bob Uecker Relics & Autos

Hey, I must be in the front row” – Bob Uecker

Bob Uecker is one of the most recognizable figures in baseball.  Not only was he a great catcher, but he is one of the best broadcasters the game has ever heard.  Uecker’s stories and quotes will be repeated by fans for many years to come.

Unfortunately for you Uecker collectors you don’t have much to collect.  Bob Uecker only has a little over 20 cards.  In fact, the last Uecker card made comes from 2001 Topps Archives.  I think its time to make some new Bob Uecker cards containing autographs and relics.  Can you imagine all the interesting inscriptions he could put under his signature?  I could definitely see him in Allen & Ginter or OBAK.


One Response

  1. If they design a card for an on-card auto, hopefully they make the signature box nice and big or else the signature might end up “just a bit outside” of the box.

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