’09 Main Event Poker Redemption Updates

A lot of collectors who opened boxes of 2009 Press Pass Main Event last year were rewarded with a redemption stating they were do to receive an autographed card of a poker star.  One year later, Press Pass is still having trouble getting those redemptions filled.  In fact, today in the mail I received a letter stating as of right now Doyle Brunson is the only person that have come to an agreement with.  Collectors can continue to wait and find out if Press Pass can come to agreements with the other poker stars or you can call them at 704-942-3060 or e-mail info@presspassinc.com and ask for a replacement.

I decided to go for the replacement.  The redemption I pulled was for Phil Ivey and they said they would replace it with a card of equal value from ’09 Main Event.  Be sure to check the redemption status page of Press Pass’s website.


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  1. Your poker blog keeps the game exciting and fresh whether for beginners or pros. I’m just an amateur but I love coming back here. Keep up the great info. The best parts I like to read about are the great flops and the bad beats…ouch!

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