Sheldon’s 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates Sketch Card Subset

Artist Monty Sheldon has been creating Sheldon’s Sketch Card Champions during the past two years, and in addition to the 2010 regular set, he will be releasing a sub set that will acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the World Series Championship achieved by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960.

Sheldon’s sketch cards are made available weekly through eBay auctions, and starting with card no. 113 and continuing through card no. 119 he will be auctioning off a 50th anniversary set of the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates, who won the exciting 7 game series in dramatic fashion with Bill Mazeroski’s game 7, series ending home run in the bottom of the 9th against the formidable New York Yankees.

Sheldon will be providing a sketch card that will correspond with each game played of the 1960 World Series.  Included in the set will be Pirates team members that played a pivotal role in each of the games and each card will be signed and finished 50 years to the exact day that World Series game was played, making this a true 50th anniversary set.

Included below is a player checklist and the auction end date for each card.  The scheduled eBay 7-day auctions will all take place at 18:00 (9:00 PM eastern, 6:00 PM pacific).

  • Tuesday, OCT 5 (game 1) – Dick Groat & Vern Law (card #113) – auction ends 10/12
  • Wednesday, OCT 6 (game 2) – Dick Schofield & Gino Cimoli (card #114) – auction ends 10/13
  • Thursday, OCT 8 (game 3) – Tom Cheney & Dick Stuart (card #115) – auction ends 10/15
  • Friday, OCT 9 (game 4) – Roy Face & Bill Virdon (card #116) – auction ends 10/16
  • Saturday, OCT 10 (game 5) – Smokey Burgess & Don Hoak (card #117) – auction ends 10/17
  • Sunday, OCT 12 (game 6) – Roberto Clemente & Hal Smith (card #118) – auction ends 10/19
  • Monday, OCT 13 (game 7) – Bill Mazeroski & Harvey Haddix (card #119) – auction ends 10/20


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